This is the first model designed and produced by Team Pinball. Join a gang on the East Coast of the United States in year of 1920-1930, during prohibition, when mafias and bootleggers used to reign. The player is immersed in the world of the mafia in what Read more...

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Technical features list

  • One ball game
  • Factory fitted reverse-printed playfield protector
  • Genuine reverse-printed backglass
  • 10-inch HD LCD screen integrated in the backglass
  • Powered by the famous Raspberry Pi computer
  • Full RGB LED playfield lighting, providing Attractive lamp effects
  • Single electronic board with through-hole components
  • Designed to be operator friendly, manufactured with standard pinball parts
  • Hand-drawn art and LCD animations
  • Original – composed for the game - music giving an authentic pinball experience
  • Cabinet decal set - high quality scratch resistance material