See the sound! New Speaker Display panel LED light frame kit. The new lighting accessory that adds pop to your backbox art by surrounding the backbox speakers with a colorful light show that you control. Read more...

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2 Pinball Speaker Light Plates (1 for each speaker) with RGB LED lights and connectors. RGB controller box with 44 key remote. Power cable. Mounting hardware for games with stock or upgraded aftermarket speakers.

Hardware included to mount either factory stock speakers and also extended hardware for mounting upgraded aftermarket speakers that have built on spacer rings.

  • AC/DC (with round speaker holes)
  • Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition)
  • Metallica (with round speaker holes)
  • Mustang
  • Spider-Man (Stern: Vault Edition)
  • Star Trek (Stern: Pro and Premium) 
  • Star Trek (Stern: LE)
  • The Walking Dead