Now you see them now you don’t. Great option for those who want 100% stealth appearance in their game room. No side viewing of the lights anymore! Read more...

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$19.95 USD
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  • Slim and sleek low profile superb fit and finish
  • Removes side light appearance completely
  • Works with you existing Pin Stadium
  • With the quality you have come to know
  • Flexible design clears everything
  • Stealth factory look
  • Simple and easy install

Another added benefit that you will appreciate is that no longer will you have to worry about keeping your glass spotless near the sides where the Pin Stadium lights are.  Invisi-Shield prevents light from streaming outside of the cabinet and as a result also shields it off the glass which eliminates the clean glass syndrome (you know what we are talking about).  This is the final piece to the "Invisi-Look" feature that makes your glass disappear right before your eyes.

*This includes (2) Invisi-Shields to cover one Pin Stadium kit on each of your pinball machine.